About The Cove

The Cove consist of 18 acres.  It includes 700 feet of waterfront on Puget Sound, a community clubhouse, tennis courts, woods with interpretive trails, two creeks, a duck pond for salmon rearing and a wetland area.

The Cove is privately owned by 1800 households which have an equal and undivided interest in this property.

The Normandy Park Community Club (NPCC) is a non-profit corporation which operates for the general welfare of the community of Normandy Park.

To provide, promote and encourage recreational, social and other activities in the community as may tend to promote the physical, moral and educational welfare of this community.

The Seattle Times Says...

"You finally found it. That unique home overlooking the Sound, nestled in towering trees on a winding, hillside road.

It's in a cozy town — not far from Seattle, not too close. Your kids are shoo-ins for a sought-after public elementary.

And then, the icing — 18 acres of beach access, almost free. Sound nuts? Not in Normandy Park."


 Breathtaking views of ocean sunsets are common at the cove.