Beach & Grounds

Beach & Grounds

Grounds Rules:

Use of the beach, play field and wooded areas is restricted to current Lot A owners and their accompanying guests. Grown children who are no longer living with their Lot A parent(s) do not have the right to use the Cove property unless accompanied by a Lot A owner.

Dependent children of Lot A owners may only have up to 4 guests with them on the property unless accompanied by an adult who is a Lot A owner.

Please read the beach rules and regulations.


Beach Parties:

If you plan to have a beach party of more than 20 people, please file a beach party form with the Cove Office. Because of the limited parking and amenities, groups of 40 or more require Board approval.

Evening beach parties are permitted until 11:00 p.m.
As long as they are orderly and do not disturb others. The City’s noise ordinances apply. No overnight camping or parking is permitted. Fires are allowed only within existing fire pits. Burning bans may be in effect. Bring your own wood or use small pieces of driftwood. No pallets please. Be sure to extinguish your fire before leaving.

Do not cut or remove beach logs.
Do not remove any sand or gravel. Washington State Dept. of Fisheries rules and shellfish harvest limits apply. Only Lot A owners are permitted to dig shellfish from the Cove beach.

Please place all litter in trash cans, or take it home.
It is a misdemeanor to dump your household garbage in either of the Cove’s dumpsters. They are strictly to accommodate beach litter and Cove building garbage.

No vehicles, bikes or horses are allowed on the beach.
Motorized vehicles may park only in designated areas and are not allowed on foot bridges, in the woods or in fields. The boat ramp is for the use of Lot A owners only. Use only at high tide and at your own risk.

Illegal drugs are prohibited.
Minors are not permitted to consume alcohol anywhere on Cove property.
Please do not feed the ducks or seagulls. Human food is not healthy for them; the excess attracts rats.

If your dog poops, please scoop!

Lot A Owners & Guests Only Please

The beach, grounds and tennis courts at the Cove are for the private use of Lot A owners and their accompanied guests. The following guidelines have been established by the NPCC Board of Trustees to help keep the area safe and beautiful so that everyone can enjoy their time at the Cove.


Aerial view of the Cove property (2004)  


The Cove owns 700 feet of beach front property.

Beach fire pits

The beach is a great place to relax and hang out.